RoughDiamondTrade aims to serve international investors and sight-holders with passion for diamonds with all the beautiful, rare and great quality diamonds you desire at reasonable costs increasing your return on investment. As well as investments in Sierra Leone.

Scale of Investment
Purchases require an investment of minimum 110.000 USD for each parcel of rough diamonds, only thru Bank Transfer 

Payment and delivery
Step 1: Sign request form when ordering rough diamonds, and send it to us via trade@euromark.dk

Step 2: You receive a proforma-invoice for approval

Step 3: You make a bank transfer for your rough diamond purchase. Delivery terms and conditions is recived from proforma. 

To purchase diamonds  
Please call or mail to book a meeting if you have any questions. All calls and mails are responded within 24 hours.

Call: +45 35 1010 31 

Mail: tmc@euromark.dk

All diamonds online are available for you to buy now.                        Buy Online Now