All our diamonds online are from Sierra Leone and available for purchase now.
For details, price and purchase on each particular diamond, please click the images below. Online purchase is easy and quick. All diamonds online are presently in the EU and can be delivered almost from day to day. Each diamond has a Kimberley certificate (number). 


Rough diamonds are solid investments

There is a wholesale diamond price and a retail diamond price. Retail investors buying at retail price make an instant loss. Buying wholesale diamonds is the way to direct profit. In other words, rough diamonds are a safer way to return on investment.


    Diamond quality is essential
    Diamond quality depends on the correlation between several factors. RoughDiamondTrade’s clarity measurements typically range from IF to VS2, and from D to I in color, as showed below. Most diamonds have inclusions of some sort which are removed by the process of cutting. Any rough diamond has a skin coat, what's inside is the interesting part. 
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    Diamond quality

    More powerful colored diamonds are fancy color diamonds. Fancy color diamonds are not part of the normal color range. The rarest and most valuable colors are saturated red, pink, blue, and green. In any case, even very slight color differences can have an enormous impact on value.


    Five viable reasons for purchasing diamonds
     Diamonds are easier to carry than cash 
    Diamonds don't take up any room Diamonds have always been used as an excellent means of transfer. The fact that such a small unique item can be worth so much more is fascinating. You can easily keep a one million USD diamond in a small pocket.

    Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth
    Their strength prevents them from breaking or wearing off. Noting can happen to a diamond. All you have to do is to make sure you do not lose it! Remember it can be insured as well!

    Diamonds are inflation proof
    This is also true to most physical commodities, like real estate, gold and silver. However, unlike the others, diamonds are more durable and movable. This is why you want to buy diamonds for investment, considering an alternative way of putting some money aside diamonds make an excellent choice.

    Wearing diamonds does not decrease value 
    You can invest in diamonds and look good and classy wearing them at the same time. Technically you have no reason to sell a diamond, unless you want to capitalize your investment. Mounting and wearing a diamond will not decrease its investment value.

    Psychologically it's a physical thing 
    You can hold it, look at it and even wear it. It makes you feel safer unlike stocks and other financial items which are rows on a computer screen. Rough diamonds have the potential to take your investment further by going into the cutting manufactures and make a special cut for that particular diamond, furthermore to excel the value to a whole new level of your investment or gift.


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