Why buy from RoughDiamondTrade?
Sierra Leone offers some of the most unique diamonds and rare gem stones in the world.
Euromark Leone Mineral Trade IVS. (, are specialized in rough diamonds of rare and exceptional characteristics and investment potential imported directly from Sierra Leone.
Our mission is to bring positive changes to Sierra Leone by increasing foreign interest and investment in Sierra Leone. RoughDiamondTrade is a business with good intentions for and specific investments in Sierra Leone.
We engage explicitly in a series of initiatives and partnerships which we believe help improve growth and sustainability in the rough diamond business.
We provide safe and trusted delivery to all our clients and online buyers. Your diamonds are insured a Kimberly certificate and FSP Economy authorizations documenting the diamonds are conflict-free and legal. The company setup caters for all types of licensees in the diamond industry.

Diamonds are conflict free
For a diamond to be ethically sourced, at the very least, it should not be financing civil war. To be ethically sourced, a diamond must be mined in keeping with strict labor and environmental standards. Child labor should not be used. Workers should earn fair wages and enjoy safe, decent working conditions. Miners or mining companies must take care to avoid serious environmental harm and treat local ecosystems with respect. Diamonds from RoughDiamondTrade are conflict free.



Photo: Rough investment diamonds 
Based on an analysis of the world's 54 largest diamond mines global diamond production reached an estimated 135.5 million carats in 2015.
The world's 10 largest mines by production value are estimated to account for 61% of global production. The 54 mines in total account for approximately 85% of global production, with the balance coming from informal artisanal miners primarily in Africa.

Diamond production in Sierra Leone is growing. The first six months of 2016 was 359,080 carats valued at $101.9 million compared to 290,380 carats valued at $60 million produced in the first six months of 2015 (Source: You have an opportunity to invest in the increasing diamond trade by buying diamonds from RoughDiamondTrade.
EU is one of many places in which RoughDiamondTrade operates. Your diamonds reach you by transport services like Brinks and FedEx. For bigger investments, we do turn up in person to ensure safe delivery. Everything is personally arranged and setup to meet your needs. 
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